Saturday, 28 June 2008

Grupo X – Remixed (Loft)

Grupo X Remixed (Loft)


Jazzy Latin lovers Grupo X bring us a remix album that features new and previously lost versions of their glittering material. It’s difficult not to have your spirits raised by the positive music of this outfit, with the remixes following a similar optimistic path. As an album, Remixed works quite well, as there is only one version of each track (with one exception), instead of a brace of remixes of certain cuts that blights many remix compilations. Not all the versions on this digital only release hit home, but there are some wonderful remixes and lost versions, such as the original version of the heart-warming Whatever You Dream (You Can Begin), the brass driven re-mastered Sunshine and a skippy Moreno Lounge visualisation of New Love. Grupo X are a British Latin treasure, hopefully this remix compilation will draw more listeners into their musical world.


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Macmurphy said...

Sabrosito mi amigos.I just got a copy of this album and can only describe it as being indescribable.Some critics have said that this truly picante comboe are underrated. If that's true, i want to know who's overrated as this lot are absolutely fantastic.

I was once hanging out with Ray Barretto at the barbican following a gig and he tunred to me (as he does) and said: "man, i wend do a clurb lasd nide do hear some hod sounds man and there was some crazy english band playing some of the hoddesd shid i heard oudsida noo yoyk! they was called Grup X!!"

Who could put it better than that?