Sunday, 15 June 2008

Black Devil Disco Club – Eight Oh Eight (Lo)

Black Devil Disco Club Eight Oh Eight (Lo)


Black Devil Disco Club keep up their recent productivity with their second album in two years, following the lengthy hiatus between first and second (twenty eight years to be precise). Eight Oh Eight is a mindbending slice of discotropic weirdness that kicks modern day Italo protagonists to the curb and makes the re-edit trend pale into insignificance. Standing at only 32 minutes and 6 tracks long, this album isn’t a long drawn out dancefloor opus by any means, but the results are impressive to say the least and 30 minutes of this musical broth is probably enough for most people’s sanity. French library composers Bernard Fevre and Jackie Giordano have beaten the nu-disco crowd at their own game with winners such as the demented Open The Night and fizzing Free For The Girls. Eight Oh Eight is a peculiar discoid treat that will show more longevity than most of the straight-laced material out there at the moment.


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