Sunday, 15 June 2008

Apse – Spirit (ATP)

Apse Spirit (ATP)


Spirit is an appropriate title for this atmospheric album from Apse that subtly draws you into the world of the Cape Cod, Massachusetts based outfit. Smoldering guitars, lost voices and hushed percussion characterise a long player that you don’t as much listen to, but you find yourself absorbing, like water to a sponge. Somehow this is Apse’s proper debut album, despite the fact that they’ve been going since 1999. The only constant in the group’s line-up since the early days has been Robert Toher, who’s taken on songwriting, singing and production roles. At times, darkly moody and at others heartstoppingly fragile, the album is offers a range of peaks and troughs, with efforts such as the calming From The North and percussion driven The Crowned leaving particular marks on the memory. Embrace the Spirit.


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