Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pulse - The Lover That You Are (Remixes) (Jellybean Soul)

Pulse - The Lover That You Are (Remixes) (Jellybean Soul)


Thirteen years after its original release, Pulse’s classic vocal house stormer is back, revised by Marlon D of Underground Collective fame and George ’Fuzion Records’ Mena. They supply a soul-kissed ’Club Mix’, complete with shimmying guitars, honeyed keys and understated percussion. The ’Deep’ Mix is actually a tougher trip, with over-arching synths, biting beats and Antionette Roberson’s imploring vocals. The Dub is a similar hard nosed version that removes most of the vocals except the Lover refrain, whilst the ‘Groovy Mix’ is a glamorous instrumental alternative to the ’Club Mix’, where sweeping strings hold court. There’s even a beatless ‘Percapella Mix’ and a set of ‘Bonus Beats’. Marlon D and George Mena have updated The Lover That You Are perfectly, but repeated plays may also have listeners reaching for the dated yet still strangely satisfying synthy original.


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