Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Kerri Chandler - Computer Games (Deeply Rooted House Records)

Kerri Chandler - Computer Games (Deeply Rooted House Records)

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House master Kerri Chandler revisits his childhood love of computers, consoles and programming, with this longplayer for the Deeply Rooted label entitled Computer Games. Musically, it is very much a Kerri Chandler album, so expect the usual cool key lines, throbbing basslines and powerful drums that help to make his signature sound. In this case, he has combined his usual production techniques with all manner of computer fx and sounds, sourced from his usual machines and an impressive collection of dusty computers and consoles. Retro sounding, yet as forward thinking as much of the house and slimline techno out there at the moment, this album will still win hearts because of the Chandler warmness that is present, even in the most jarring dancefloor efforts. The music is spread over two discs and listeners even get to hear samples of the ’computer sounds’, as well as wonderful tracks such as the string laden ESC, synthilating Fortran and striding Kong. Playing and creating games may have inspired this LP, but Computer Games is still an album of serious dance floor music from Kerri Chandler.


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