Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Drumpoems Verse 1 (Drumpoet Community/Compost)

V/A - Drumpoems Verse 1 (Drumpoet Community/Compost)

Web: http://www.drumpoet.com

Switzerland is not the first country that comes to mind when discussing deep and technified house, but this compilation shows that there are talented artists that hail from the land of ostentatious watches and delicious chocolate. The Drumpoet Community are based in ZΓΌrich and this longplayer features many homegrown artists who tread similar musical paths. Critics may suggest some of the tracks are too samey, but the common musical bond, inspired by Detroit techno and acid house, makes for a spellbinding and truly hypnotic journey. Unlike many deep and technified house compilations where the material is derived from the same stable, Drumpoems Verse 1 holds the attention from start to finish, due to the intensity and quality of the music on show. Every track holds its own, but high points include the Quarion Remix of Foster’s blinding Quiet Before The Storm, the fizzing Dixon Edit of Soultourist’s Turn Loose and Quarion’s sparkling Karasu. This is a jaw dropping compilation of life-affirming electronic music.


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