Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Coast2Coast: Mixed by X-Press 2 (NRK

V/A - Coast2Coast: Mixed by X-Press 2 (NRK)

Web: http://www.nrkmusic.com/coast2coast

House heads with a considerable pedigree, the X-Press 2 trio of Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel deliver a Coast2Coast collection with considerable width and breadth, despite sticking pretty much to a house template. This is exactly what you’d expect from a threesome who’ve spent the best part of two decades spinning records in clubs the world over, and here they include many older faves as well as up to date material. As a production outfit, the group have not always hit the mark, but behind the decks they excel. Winners on the deeply reaching CD-01 include Presence’s beautiful The Strength (Within) and Roy’s Rad Nomad Mix of Phuture’s frantic Inside Out. The second disc is a little techier and features efforts such as Solomun’s atmospheric Jungle River Cruise and Oxia’s epic Domino. This is another worthy addition to the excellent Coast2Coast series, which is actually the first volume from a British production outfit.


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