Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ananda Project - Night Blossom (Nitegrooves)

Ananda Project - Night Blossom (Nitegrooves)

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Chris Brann of Wamdue and P’taah fame has really excelled with his Ananda Project, fusing beautiful instrumentation with lovable vocals. The strength of the Ananda Project material is that it is both deep and dreamy, but doesn’t lose its sense of purpose. Fire Flower, Brann’s third proper album under this guise was released in 2007 to much acclaim and Night Blossom is double CD set featuring a disc of remixes of tracks from that album and a CD of ’Ananda Classics’. To be honest, the remixes on CD 1 don’t really surpass the originals, but notable mentions must go to Joe Claussell for his fizzing bass overhaul of Let Love Fly and the Idjuts for their smiling touch-up of Moments Before Dreaming. The classics disc features original material such as the key-dipped Kiss Kiss Kiss and reinterpretations such as the Kyoto Jazz Massive re-touch of Bahia. The Ananda beauties on disc two makes this a worthy purchase.


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