Saturday, 22 March 2008

Soma Coma Part 2

V/A - Soma Coma Part 2 (Soma)


Soma’s downbeat offerings, often stuck on the end of Eps, are at least as exciting as the technified material by which the label made its name. Soma Coma Part 2 shows that the most talented artists on their roster can create life-affirming music regardless of bpm. The breadth of the label’s back catalogue is also signified by this compilation. It’s easy to forget Soma’s primary focus when listening to tracks such as Vector Lovers’ powerful ivory tinkling Piano Dust, Chaser’s sleepy Blue Planet, as remixed by Abacus, and Silicone Soul’s stunning Dreaming Again. This is another magical downtempo offering from the Slam guided Soma imprint and considering the wealth of laidback material that hasn’t made the Soma Coma cut so far, there are likely to be a few more volumes in this series.


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