Saturday, 22 March 2008

Ska Cubano - Ajiaco! The Remix Album

Ska Cubano - Ajiaco! The Remix Album (Casino Sounds)


Here, a bunch of remixologists get their chance to give Ska Cubano’s worldwise musical broth a gentle push in different directions. Latin, Mediterranean, Carribean and Eastern musical influences are brought to the table by the various reconstructors, who reshape the Cuban, Jamaican and Colombian sounds of Ska Cubano. A musical patchwork is probably the best way to describe this remix album, which features choice revisions in the shape of the drumming frenzy of DJ Floro and Alex Acosta’s mix of Changó, Frank De Lata’s energetic key overhaul of Bobine and Señorlobo and Pablo Sánchez’s dubby reshape of Coqueteando. Ajiaco! The Remix Album is a vibrant collection of music designed with dancefloor in mind.


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