Monday, 31 March 2008

Oscar G - Innov8 (Nervous)

Oscar G - Innov8 (Nervous)


One half of legendary Miami duo Murk and a Funky Green Dog, Oscar Gaeten tries to keep up with co-pilot Ralph Falcon by releasing his this album. The album draws heavily on the solid house sound that the duo used to carve out a niche for themselves in the 90s, but Gaeten has tweaked it for the mid 00s in his inimitable style. The ‘tribal’ sound that the duo investigated is incredibly important to this album, whilst proggy and pseudo trancey territories that the duo also dabbled in barely feature. Innov8 is an uncompromising dancefloor orientated album, which has been made in the style of a DJ set so that the tracks flow into each other. It certainly isn’t groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, but the raw energy of this long player impresses. Latin influences in the shape of flying percussion, keys and brass from Oscar’s ’hood can be felt on the striking Miami, whilst the trippily keyed Anxious and free flowing Pimp also impress. Oscar G should gain some solo success with the release of this sturdy LP.


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