Saturday, 22 March 2008

Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock

V/A - Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock (Eskimo)


Influential Italian disco don Daniele Baldelli has been spinning records since the late sixties, mixing up an intriguing selection of tunes culled from various genres in order to create his own musical broth. As is the case with most DJs considered inspirational and spoken about in revered terms, Baldelli is associated with a club. His entry into the golden headphones hall of fame is related to his residency at a nighterie called Cosmic, which was situated on the shores of Lake Garda and open for business between 1979 and 1984. The cosmic prefix associated with certain new ‘disco’ records is a direct tribute to Baldelli’s sound, but this compilation looks back to original cosmic gems, many as heavily indebted to guitars as synthesizers, hence the title of this compilation. This CD has been put together by Daniele Baldelli and Verona based spinner Marco Dionigi and features weird and wonderful tracks such as Richard Bone’s trippy Mutant Wisdom, Positive Noise’s fuzzy Positive Negative and La Bionda’s fiery I Got Your Number. Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock is a fascinating musical ride and delves deeper than the title suggests, flicking as it does between disco, rock, pop and electronica.


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