Saturday, 22 March 2008

Clara Hill's Folkwaves - Sideways

Clara Hill - Folkwaves: Sideways (Sonar Kollektiv)


Clara Hill’s Folkwaves: Sideways is not really a folk album in the true sense of the word, but instead a acoustic guitar and song driven project that is a world away from the house and broken beat power of her last longplaying collection, All I Can Provide. This is a brave move for an artist usually backed by rich electronic and acid jazz arrangements, but Hill has come a long way in terms of songwriting and musical arrangement. Clara Hill is also blessed with a melancholic voice that lends itself to this type of backing. Unexpectedly, Marc Mac of 4 Hero fame shows up to lend a hand on the string blessed Everything, whilst stripped back favourites appear in the form of the fragile If Only and the introspective Once I Know. Every song is not a classic, but there are some beautiful moments on this album and repeat plays reveals previously hidden depth.


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