Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Big Freeze 2

V/A - The Big Freeze Vol 2: Mixed by Bliss (Platipus)


Platipus may be most famous for releasing tranceous monstrosities in the 90s, but the label has a softer side, characterised by the release of calming compilations. The second installment of the fledgling Big Freeze series has been put together by chilled great Danes Bliss, who have been responsible for a slew of beautifully instrumented downtempo compositions. As expected, The Big Freeze Vol 2 is in the same spirit as their own work and features a breadth of horizontal music. It is vaguely reminiscent of compilations put together by chill out demigod Jose Padilla. Winners on the first disc include a touching acoustic guitar driven beauty from Cantoma entitled Katja and the sharp percussion driven The Return from compilers Bliss. As far as CD 2 is concerned, highs appear in the form of the gorgeous New Jerusalem from A Reminiscent Drive and Trentemøller’s heart melting Miss You, but the tracks that weigh in at over ten minutes slightly overstay their welcome. Blissful is a good way to describe this cool double CD set.


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