Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Sound Of The Eighth Season

V/A - Sven Väth In The Mix: The Sound Of The Eighth Season (Cocoon)


German Techno goliath Sven Väth looks back on his eighth season on the famed white isle with a double CD of pulsating electronic music. Designed with the dance floor in mind, but with enough excitement for the home listening audience, The Sound Of The Eighth Season is a portrayal of the music that defined Sven’s Cocoon parties of 2007 at Privilege, named Freakshow. Väth has been a DJ since 1982, but this compilation focuses on where his head is musically at this point in time and features all manner of currently in vogue technoid material. Disc one focuses on key’n’synth driven tunes, which are mostly slimline in nature and seem to have never ending grooves. Tracks on this disc to write home about include Radical Majik’s hypnotic Dub Rider and Joris Voorn’s self explanatory The Deep. Disc two is a darker and more melodic affair, which features choice moments such as Isolée’s twisting and turning refix of Paulo Olarte’s Solo Tu (Only You) and Alejandro Vivanco’s warm Madre Tierra (Mother Earth). Väth shows he still has his finger firmly on the pulse, more than 25 years after he first got behind the decks.


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