Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sci-Fi-Hi-Fi 04

V/A - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: 04 Funk D’Void (Soma)


Better known for his studio escapades than his prowess in a club behind the decks or a computer, Lars Sandberg aka Funk D’Void and Francois Dubois shows his selection and spinning talents on this Sci-Fi Hi-Fi volume. As expected, the compilation treads a similar path to his production work, with searing technoid efforts sitting next to grooving housey numbers. There is an emotive quality to the music selected by Sandberg, which can be felt from start to finish. Tracks of note include Quince’s colourful New Era, King Britt’s key kissed re-touch of H-Foundation’s devotional Tonight and the ’Atmosphere 320 Dub’ of Vincenzo’s hair raising Timeout. As uplifting as a Funk D’Void production, Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: 04 is up there with the other excellent compilations in the series.


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