Sunday, 10 February 2008

Living On The Venus Express

Spoonface - Living On The Venus Express (FAADA)


It came as quite a shock when Spoonface dropped It’s True, the breathtaking acoustic effort that heads this album. His previous musical forays had included electronic efforts and Barry White impersonation as Black Legend, but it was with the lo-fi, acoustic guitar led compositions that Spoons found his sound. It is this type of work that dominates Spoonface’s debut long player, entitled Living On The Venues Express. Not strictly an acoustic album, the live instruments are backed by subtle electronics, which fit together wonderfully under Mr. Spoonface’s distinctive vocals. This is a heartfelt album from the FAADA label owner, with subjects including reflections on immigration by Carribean and African people to England and the love that Spoons has for his late Grandma. Highlights include the aforementioned It’s True, a calming number entitled We Don’t Need To and the melancholic Raining Sunshine. Due to the strength of his guitar and vocals driven compositions, it is perhaps not a surprise that the two tracks on the album that use fuller electronic arrangements are not as successful as the sparser productions. Spoonface has promised that he’ll be making more electronic driven tunes in the future, but I hope that he doesn’t forget his lo-fi work!


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