Sunday, 10 February 2008

DJ Tools

Seiji - DJ Tools (Sonar Kollektiv)


This is a disc for CD selectors and listeners with a very short attention span, as most of the twenty one tracks on this collection hover around the two minute mark. DJ Tools takes in all manner of musical terrain, featuring housey, hip hoppery, technified and grimey soundscapes, as well as fracturedly beaten efforts. It is quite a frustrating listen, as you’d wish Seiji would develop some of these couple of minute ideas into full blown tracks. Efforts such as the discofied Raspberries, calming half-stepped I’m Sleepy and edgy Lame could mature into devastating full length cuts. Seiji shows why he’s a well respected beat technician with this collection of short tracklets, which are much more impressive than standard DJ Tool type fair.


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