Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Chapter

The Rurals - 10th Chapter (Pêng)


In a world where music print journalism is somewhat of a dying art, it seems odd that The Rurals chose to give away their 10th Chapter as a cover mount CD with DJ Magazine in the UK. True, DJ Magazine has seemingly been around for ever and is certainly more credible than ‘lifestyle’ music magazine Mixmag, but it is barely relevant in a scene when infinitely more useful and information can be gleaned in a multimedia setting, at the simple click of a mouse. Record shop culture is also on the wane today, with the irrepressible technology assisted rise of the download and online shopping, which has helped to squeeze the demand for physical music. It is a sad day for music when such established artists as The Rurals feel this is the best route for getting their music to the public in a physical format, which puts the actual monetary value of the album at free. Fans who’ve missed the issue of DJ with the covermount CD should not fear, because the disc can still be purchased and the album is also available as a download. The 10th Chapter is exactly the sort of deeper than deep house escapade you’d expect from Devon’s finest, topped off with soul-kissed effects and a jazzy swing. Tracks of note include the gorgeous Saving Time, an acid drenched instrumental effort entitled 7th Sun and the lounging Liquid. As ever this is a classy album from The Rurals, lets hope it’s not the final chapter to their story!


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