Sunday, 10 February 2008

1 Real

DJ Dolores - 1 Real (Ziriguiboom)


Hailing from Recife in Brazil, Dolores aka Helder Aragão is a graphic designer and an ear-catching music creator. Inspired by Recife, 1 Real is his third artist album, which captures the imagination due to Dolores’s distinctive creations that meld musical influences from the area close to his place of birth with contemporary electronic and rock type ideas. The Real is the currency of Brazil and the title of the album was inspired by the difference in attitudes to life and the huge gap between social classes in the country. The actual music is backed by explanatory sleeve notes that show the subject matter of the tracks and jaw dropping photography from Bárbara Wagner, shot in Brasília Teimosa, a Recife favela (slum). Dolores enlists a stellar cast of musicians and vocalists to help him on this diverse album, with tracks of note including the enamoured Tocando o Terror (Touching the Terror), an energetic number entitled Wakaru and The Mind Inspector, an accordion kissed winner. 1 Real could be compared to the Gotan Project’s incredible La Revancha Del Tango, due to Dolores’s talent at fusing styles without losing the potency of electronic music or the touching nature of the more traditional influences.


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