Thursday, 22 November 2007

Working Nights

Trus’me - Working Nights (Fat City)


It was early 2007 when David Wolstencroft aka Trus’me dropped his first 12” on the mysterious Love For Music imprint. This release was rapturously received, due to Trus’me’s ability to create low slung disco movers and inspiring housefloor grooves from choice fractions of soul-kissed material. Since then, he’s dropped a couple more 12’s and the most succulent material from those three hard to find EPs has made it on to this album, either in original or altered form. Comparisons with expert sample manipulators such as KDJ and Theo Parrish have been inevitable, due to Wolstencroft’s love of woozy soundscapes. However, it would do a disservice to both him and Detroit House royalty to merely class him as a clone or even the new Moodymann, even though Kenny seems to have left sample reliant material to concentrate on lively jazzy pastures. Working Nights actually covers a range of musical bases, with hypnotic housers rubbing shoulders with feelgood discoid material and wide-eyed slow burners. It is easy to hear why Trus’me is so revered, when you sample delights such as the majestic “At The Disco”, touching “Working Nights” and the soaring “Narda“. David Wolstencroft shows that sample-based House and Disco that genuinely excites its listeners can still be made in a digitally minded world.


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