Monday, 12 November 2007

When I'm Bored I Change Colour

DJ Disse - When Im Bored I Change Colour (Music For Dreams)


From listening to ‘When Im Bored I Change Colour ’, you can tell that Disse has a great sense of humour, but he also tires of sounds quite easily. This explains why his album features so many different styles of music and even includes some ridiculous covers. Disse delivers spaced out dub, cosmic warbling and serious technoid house on this LP, but also shows his love for rock, Balkan hot stepping tunes and Arabic percussive rhythms. ‘When Im Bored I Change Colour ’ really has to be heard to be believed, but despite the hotch potch of styles, tunes such as the quirky “Spanish Reggae”, sombre “New Dimension” and wide-eyed “Night At The Fullmoon” deliver the goods. This is a spirit-lifting musical adventure that should raise a smile with even the dourest music fan.


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