Thursday, 22 November 2007

Version Excursions

The Dynamics - Version Excursions (Groove Attack)


Dynamic is a fitting name for this soul-steeped outfit, whose lilting Reggae takes on Pop, Rock and Soul favourites are vibrant and fun. Based in Lyon, France, The Dynamics are a tight band that sound like they actually grew up in the same area and were spoonfed 70s soul and weaned on Jamaican sound systems, despite the fact that the group members all spent their childhoods in different places. Members of the group actually hail from diverse places such as rural Cameroon, Boston and Bristol. The Dynamics' covers are sufficiently different from the original versions to stem any ‘Why did they bother?’ questions. They manage to extract the essence from the tunes that they cover and then cover that musical lifeblood using reggae’n’soul type instrumentation. Highlights include a remarkable guitar kissed re-rub of Madonna’s “Music”, a goose pimple inducing dubwise take on Gwen McCrae’s “90% of Me is You” and an organ blessed version of “Feel Like Making Love”. Concocting this type of cover versions is not a fresh idea and not ever ’new’ interpretation works perfectly, but there are enough Dynamic winners to make this Bruno ‘Patchworks’ Hovarth produced LP worth investigating.


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