Monday, 12 November 2007

Strictly Todd Terry

V/A - Strictly Todd Terry (Strictly Rhythm)


You could be forgiven for thinking that you’d been transported back to the 90s, what with the return of Strictly Rhythm imprint under the Defected banner and this mix CD from Todd Terry. A famous figure in House from the late 80s, TT was responsible for a such a large number of first-rate tunes and remixes that he can be excused for recycling his loops occasionally and even venturing into D&B. Anyone expecting this compilation to be like a Todd Terry DJ set from back in the day containing solely his own productions will be disappointed, as this collection features precious little material from ’Todd The God’. Instead, ’Strictly Todd Terry’ is an unapologetic house floor compilation that is representative of Strictly in its current incarnation. Classic cuts from the label feature alongside newly signed material, with disco cut ups sat next to powerful vocal tunes and percussive winners. Disc 1 features time honoured efforts such as George Morel’s earnest “Let’s Groove” and a Todd special, by the way of CLS’s ravey “Can You Feel It”. Disc 2 killer cuts include UPI’s regimented “That String Track” and Storm & Herman’s determined “Quick Dance”. Many of the older tunes sound typically ‘Strictly’, but this is not a criticism, as they could rock most dance floors today and Terry has put together a pretty impressive compilation.


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