Thursday, 22 November 2007

Street Soul Stars 3

V/A - Street Soul Stars Volume 3 (UK Street Sounds)


Modern R’n’B is pretty much what is meant by ‘Street Soul’ on this collection from British ’urban’ imprint UK Street Sounds. There’s large a number of US type R’n’B tracks on this comp and a smattering of distinctly British sounding tunes, influenced by UK Garage, Grime and even House. Every song doesn’t impress production wise or vocally, but Street Soul Stars Volume 3 does expose talented singers and beat smiths. Conventional R’n’B tracks such as Feyi’s loving “Never” and Laurissa’s spiritual “Freestyle” are excellent, but others come across as copycat efforts. As far as the more ’British’ cuts are concerned, winners appear in the form of Ny’s breakbeat driven “Who Is She?” and Gemma Fox’s skippy “Think I’m In Love”. British R’n’B has always been seen as a poor relation to its American cousin, but this compilation shows that some UK based artists and production dons have the ability to challenge their US counterparts.


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