Thursday, 22 November 2007

Screw The Coffeemaker

Michal Ho - Screw The Coffeemaker (Tuning Spork)


Tuning Spork actually prefer to disregard the home listening market as well as the humble espresso machine, due to the fact that they release albums designed for club play and parties that take place in the wee hours. Therefore, on Screw The Coffeemaker from Swiss born Michal Ho, listeners get eight (Vinyl) or eleven (CD) tracks of uncompromising lean Techno. Recently, Ho has made a number of tunes with producer de jour and Colombian accordion fan Samin, but here Michal demonstrates that he’s pretty capable when flying solo. Winners on the album include the rolling “Take Away”, weirdly keyed “Saftwerk” and a twisted CD bonus track entitled “Got To Be Like That”. Aimed squarely at the feet, yet pretty entertaining at the same time, Ho has made an album of slim line technified music that will sound pretty cool at home, but is best heard on a proper club system.


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