Thursday, 22 November 2007

Romantic Jet Set

Rodion - Romantic Jet Dance (Gomma)


Romes Edoardo Cianfanelli aka Rodion has been turning ears for a little while with his special brand of electronic neo-disco. Cianfanelli was found tinkling ivories at a Catholic music school in his youth and was set for a spiritual life as a Church organist, but his discovery of nighteries and disco dancing changed all that. Cianfanelli kissed sacred music goodbye in order to forge a career creating the sort of mind bending post-disco that Lucifer himself would be proud of. All of the compositions on this album highlight Rodion’s skilful command of synths, keys and vocoders, not to mention the delightful sense of humour and crazy space age feel that emanates from each track. “Fisico” is weirdly keyed groover, whilst “Via Lactea” comes on like a strange computer game soundtrack and “Tu Mi Turbi” does the business courtesy of pogo-ing synths and loveable keys. Somehow, Rodion’s deranged discoid fireworks make perfect sense.


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