Monday, 12 November 2007

The Killion Floor

Orgone - The Killion Floor (Ubiquity)


Part of the retro funk’n’soul fraternity, Orgone make grooving tunes that are energetic, but also quite restrained. Musically tight, the LA based band has a lead vocalist called Fanny Franklin who certainly fits the bill, but she doesn’t quite have the dynamism of a certain Ms. S. Jones. Some of the most magical tracks on the album happen to be instrumentals or those with hardly any vocals, with the brasstastic and Afrobeat inspired “It’s What You Do” and rough’n’ready “Sophisticated Honky“ hitting the spot. There are also some special vocal driven tracks, such as joyous “I Get Lifted” and boogieing “Dialed Up“. With the mainstream embracing funkified pop tunes and groups like the Daptones and The Soul Investigators riding high, Orgone may have released their debut LP at just the right time.


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