Monday, 12 November 2007

Future Sounds of Jazz 11

V/A - Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol: 11 Compiled by Michael Reinboth (Compost)


Compost have always defined Jazz in terms of ‘spirit’ instead of actual musical content, so it comes as no surprise that the music on Volume 11 of their Future Sound Of Jazz series is not particularly jazzy. Compost give the clearest indication yet that the ‘fractured’ sound has really lost the musical war, as they were such champions of broken beat/nu-jazz sound, but this ‘Futures’ comp features mostly Techy tunes. Musically, it only gives a brief nod to Disco infected music and cuts with an irregular beat. Strong tunes on this compilation include Solomon & Stimming’s penetrating “Eiszauber”, Dennis Ferrer’s deadly “Son Of Raw” and the beautiful 80s disco grooves of 400 Blows “Movin’”. ‘Future Sound Of Jazz 11’ is a great Techy CD, which should be filled alongside releases on Compost Black Label, a sister imprint dedicated to releasing probing House and Techno.


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