Monday, 12 November 2007

Balearic Biscuits 2 & World Dub Pastry 2

V/A - Balearic Biscuits 2: Compiled by Kenneth Badger (Music For Dreams)

V/A - World Dub Pastry 2: Compiled by Kenneth Badger (Music For Dreams)


Unleashed pretty much simultaneously, ‘Balearic Biscuits 2’ and ‘World Dub Pastry 2’ represent Music For Dreams head honcho Kenneth Badger’s continuing love affair with left of centre musical utterings. The Biscuits collection is the winner, featuring everything from blissed out key works to strange jazz numbers and pulsing technified affairs. Cuts of note include Todd Terje’s peaceful mix of Antena’s “Camino Del Sol” and the Âme Outro mix of Ferrer & Sydenham Inc’s touching “Timbuktu”. The Pastry is a well put together collection of horizontal, dubbed out electronix, which flits between mind altering and mind numbing cuts. Choice efforts on ’World Dub Pastry 2’ include the brooding Lulu Rouge Mix of Filur’s “Into The Wasteland” and Eva Be feat. Joe Dukie’s lovely “No Memory Of Time”. Copenhagen’s Kenneth Badger shows he has a good ear for programming with these long players, even if some of the Dub Pastry numbers are a little dull.


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