Thursday, 22 November 2007


Wagon Cookin - 2Faces (Compost)


The Garayalde brothers enjoy their time in the kitchen as much as that spent in the studio and the name of their musical outfit is reference to a former studio in a converted train carriage. 2Faces shows the duo’s ability to switch effortlessly between polite Latin and Jazzy House and Techy compositions. Despite their reputation as excellent musicians and creators of choice jazzified material, this double album suggest that the duo are better at creating tougher, electronified fair. A high point on the first disc is the acid key drenched “Mr. Sun”, but it is CD Two where Wagon Cookin really get going. Second disc highpoints include a fuzzy acid house dream called “Fever” and the warmly synthed “Mallorca”. This is a substantial musical meal from the Garayalde brothers, but the tastiest morsels are not the one’s you’d expect from these jazzy kids.


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